Our Story and the Future of Fashion

What the Sock is a company with a simple goal: To build a community that creates the coolest socks in the world and changes the future of fashion.

We have taken an unheard of approach to the fashion industry with the goal of making products designed by the same people who buy them. We are changing the future of fashion by democratizing the industry, one sock at a time.

Traditionally, fashion companies have had to forecast trends months and even years ahead. Without ever really knowing which items will be popular during a given season, fashion companies have always had an implied risk of excess inventory and costs in the manufacturing and marketing process. They employ hundreds of designers and experts to create the “next big thing” but more times than not end up making the wrong guess and end up with a ton of excess inventory that doesn’t sell. And who do you think pays for all of that inventory they throw in the trash? YOU DO.  The price of the unsold items is baked into the price of the products that you buy so they can make up for their losses.

WTS says f*ck that! That’s why all of our products are crowdsourced (user-submitted designs by artists within the What the Sock community), and crowdfunded (The community “backs” designs they would like to see made, and if enough people back a design, we produce it).

This means we ONLY manufacture products that YOU tell us to make. None of those fancy corporate designers here, and no warehouses full of last season’s products that never sold.

Additionally, manufacturers have made it extremely difficult for small companies in the fashion space to be successful, by requiring large minimum order quantities.  This is where the WTS community comes in.  By backing campaigns, together we can help create enough funding to meet minimum order quantities and go to production.  Every backing you make helps an awesome product get closer to production.

We at What the Sock believe that as consumers, we shouldn’t have to pay for the excess inventory from the mistakes made by big fashion companies.  Together we can make better products than any brand out there and change the fashion world for the better.