Crowdsourced and Crowdfunded Fashion


At What the Sock we are striving to change the fashion industry by creating crowdsourced and crowdfunded fashion. This offers a number of benefits to moth our customers and contributing artists. If you have a question that we have not covered, don’t hesitate to contact us!



1. What makes What the Sock different?

  • All WTS products are limited edition. This means that every pair you buy is unique and can only be found through or select stores.
  • All of our products are crowdsourced, meaning that they are designed by regular artists with great ideas.  We are building a network of artists, designers, and customers to help create cool products.
  • WTS products are crowdfunded, meaning we only produce what you, the people, want to buy.  This allows us to decrease our inventory risk resulting in lower prices for our customers.

2.When do I pay?

This depends on what items you are purchasing. For designs that are still in campaign, cards are charged at the end of a campaign ONLY if the funding goal is met.  When you place an order, we won’t charge your card at that time, but verify it and once the campaign ends you will be charged. For designs that we are carrying inventory for, cards are charged at the time of purchase and the items are shipped next day.

3. What happens if a campaign ends before the funding goal is reached?

If a campaign ends before the funding goal is reached, then none of the backers who took place in the crowdfunding for that campaign are charged and the product does not go in to production.  This means you will never have to pay for a product that doesn’t get made, which means no risk to the customer.

4. How long does production take once a campaign ends?

Production usually takes a 8-12 weeks after the crowdfunding campaign ends.  We do as much as possible before the campaign ends to help expedite the production process.  I.e. creating samples, choosing materials.

5. How long do campaigns last?

Campaigns typically last 15 days from start to finish, in rare cases, campaigns are extended a couple days.

6. Does the campaign end once the funding goal is reached?

No.  The campaign will last until the specified length is up.  During this time, there can be unlimited number of backers per campaign, BUT once the campaign ends, nobody else will be able to buy the product.  This results in more happy customers and more exposure and revenue for the designers


1. Why should I submit designs to WTS?

You should submit your designs to WTS because it’s a new, fun way to increase your exposure as an artist with the possibility of making money from your work.

2. How much design experience do I have to have?

WTS is made for designers and artists from all walks of life. From graphic designers to graffiti artists.  If you are a creative mind and have basic artistic design skills, we want to see your ideas!

3. Is there a limit on how many designs I can submit?

Absolutely not.  We want to see as many ideas as you have.  The more you submit, the better your chances are of being selected.

4. Does WTS review every design you receive?

Yes, we personally review every design we receive and hand select the best ones to feature in campaigns.

5. What happens next after my design is selected?

The production process starts well before a design is publicly selected.  We review designs as they come in, and as we see ones we like, we reach out to manufacturers to have samples created.  Our manufacturers bid on each product and we choose the manufacturer who best fits your design in terms of quality and price, to ensure your design is made with the the best material, your design is kept in tact, and is made at the fairest price for the consumers.

6. How much do designers get paid?

Designers make 5% of the total sales of their campaign. i.e. if your campaign raises $10,000, you will make $500. Additionally, if your design is ever featured in a limited edition reproduction campaign, you will again receive 5% of the total sales.

Remember, there is value outside of just the monetary rewards of having a successful campaign on What the Sock.  We will also do everything we can to increase your exposure as an artist.  This includes, but is not limiting to sending your bio and where our customers can find your work in every package we ship.

7. How/When will I get paid? 

Once your design is selected, we will reach out to you to get your personal information.  WTS will send you a personal check at the end of your campaign for your share of the profits.  If preferred, we can also PayPal or bank wire your share.

8. How does WTS promote my campaigns?

WTS will always do our best to promote our artists and their designs, but it is ultimately up to you, the designer to promote your specific campaign and build a buzz about it.  The more people that back your campaign, the more money you make and the more exposure you receive as an artists