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Lookbook – June 2014

In honor of the new campaigns launching at the end of the month, check out what you can expect in this months Lookbook:

Announcing: 4 New Styles in June

After a successful first run of campaigns, we are going to be releasing 4 new campaigns at the end of the month.  They will be:

The Chang (Light Blue/Green/Brown)

The Chang Fun Colored Sock

The Sunrise (Blue)

Sunrise Blue Crazy Cool Sock

The Diamond (Orange)

Diamond Orange Crazy Cool Socks

The Polkastripe (Turquoise)


As always, these 4 styles will only be sold for a limited time and only produced if the campaigns reach their funding goals.  Be sure to check later in June when the campaigns go live!

-The WTS team

A note from the founders


We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and thank you for stopping by our new site.  We, Michael and Nathan, could not be more excited for you to be here.

We started WTS to fulfill one simple purpose.  To build a community of fashion-forward people who appreciate awesome, high quality socks while helping transform the fashion industry through the use of technology.

Socks are just the beginning.  We want to see the future of fashion shift towards crowdsourcing products so that there is less wasted inventory.  Of course there are other crowdfunded and crowdsourced fashion companies out there, and together we can change the way apparel and accessories are made to offer the customer a better experience at a cheaper price point.

We’re happy that you’ve stopped by to share the journey with us.  Feel free to shoot either of us an email at any time.  We want to hear your feedback and get to know you.  Michael is at and Nathan is at


Michael Garganese and Nathan Demuth – Co-founders

What the Sock

Michael on the left, Nathan on the right.

Michael on the left, Nathan on the right.