Artists and Fashion Designers

This is where the magic happens, and what makes What the Sock different from every fashion company on the planet.  We’re not a huge team of professional artists and fashion designers.  We’re normal people who are looking to help artists from all walks of life make a name for themselves, and make money too.


Why should you submit a design to WTS?

1. Make money!

    • It’s as easy as submitting a design, promoting it within your network, and watching the sales come rolling in.
    • Once your campaign meets it’s funding goal, you take 5% of the total profits.

2.Get exposure!

    • Whether you’re a habitual doodler, an experienced graphic designer, or a famous street artist, we’ll help you increase exposure of your work.

Artists and Fashion Designers

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First time designing with WTS? Click here to download our WTS sock designer's template in Adobe Illustrator format.